Video: kakedameshi, historical teachings of karate and hontou bunkai

Video: kakedameshi, historical teachings of karate and hontou bunkai

Among the various sources of Muidokan research are the historical teachings of ancient karate. Some of those teachings used to be transmitted exclusively through oral traditions (kuden 口伝) between generations of practitioners. Other teachings have been recorded in texts over a few decades at least since the 19th century by Okinawan masters.

Whatever the method of transmission, Muidokan has accessed a very large number of those teachings (many of which can be consulted in the works on our recommended resources page). Muidokan founder Samir Berardo used this acquired knowledge to unravel the real content of kata and the powerful ancient training methods of old style karate.

Through this research it was possible, for example, to understand and reconstruct the method of fighting training and challenge known as kakedameshi 掛け試し, based on close-range confrontation. It was also possible to relearn a massive amount of historical techniques and principles of hand-to-hand fighting, many of which are incredibly effective, but little known in modern martial arts. We have demonstrated many of these techniques and principles in our already published videos, for example here (Fundamentals of self-defense and devastating sequence) and here (Defensive power of historical karate techniques). We’ve also demonstrated several examples of hontou bunkai 本当分解 (real bunkai) applications that came from this research, such as here (Pin’an Nidan) and here (Gojushiho).

Now in this video Samir demonstrates moderate intensity kakedameshi training. The founder of Muidokan first assumes an exclusively defensive role, using a large amount of the researched historical principles. Soon after, he uses a single application of hontou bunkai (for the old form of joudan age-uke 上段上げ受け) in a sequence, and even resorting to that single movement, he manages to deliver a large amount of decisive blows to the opponent, who is left defenseless, even though he is a black belt and more physically advantaged. It is not a case of superiority of a martial artist, but of the amazing effectiveness of the teachings of ancient karate within the context of hand-to-hand fighting. The video also identifies and briefly describes several of the principles that are being used, and the application used at the end. Enjoy!


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