In this video you can watch applications for the first part of Pinan Nidan kata (a close relative to Shotokan’s Heian Shodan). It comes from the research by Muidokan founder Samir Berardo, aimed at understanding the true fighting meaning of kata (hontou bunkai 本当分解). For this video, Samir had the kind collaboration of Noah Legel (Noah Legel’s Karate Obsession), who executes Pinan Nidan beautifully. Noah has a great work on his own that should be checked!

Throughout the last 10 years, Samir has figured out dozens of classical kata, with several layers of depth, from the first to the last movement. Everything following historical evidence and undeniable rules he discovered through reverse engineering the kata. It has also been painstakinly tested. The research goes on, and what he has published so far is just the tip of the iceberg. The kind of karate that the masters of the past have left to us through their kata is amazing. It only had to be recovered, and we’re working on it right now.
Thank you everyone for following and supporting so far. You really motivate us to keep sharing.

The beautiful taiko soundtrack used in this video was composed by the artist Andries de Haan from Netherlands. People can check his work in the links below:​

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