The video has English subtitles.

Check out a little of the museum of the Okinawa Kenjin Association of Brazil (Brasil Okinawa Kenjin: AOKB – CCOB), located in the Liberdade neighborhood, in the city of São Paulo, Brazil! This is a highly recommended visit for all lovers of okinawan and karate culture. Sao Paulo is home to one of the largest okinawan communities outside Okinawa in the world. It is very worthwhile to have contact with the culture and customs of these people, to better understand Karate, martial art we love so much!

The video was recorded during a visit by Muidokan founder Samir Berardo and Bruno Chagas (blog Puro Karate) to Flavio Vicente De Souza sensei (Okinawa Shorinryu Karatedo Jyureikan e Kobudo Jinbukai do Brasil) in May 2019. In addition to an excellent conversation, Flavio sensei kindly showed us the museum of the Association. Thanks so much to Flavio sensei for the hospitality and brotherly spirit!

Video produced by the blog Puro Karate.


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