Old Style Karate Seminar in São Paulo-Brazil!

Old Style Karate Seminar in São Paulo-Brazil!

Muidokan Karate Kenkyukai and Blog Puro Karate have the pleasure to invite you to the Old Style Karate Seminar: the effectiveness of historical applications for self-defense, which will be instructed by Sensei Samir Berardo, presenting the historical form of karate practiced in Ryuukyuu (Okinawa) before the modernization of the art, brought back through a strict research work now internationally respected. The event will address subjects applicable to all styles, including historical fundamentals, techniques and real applications (bunkai) for self-defense.

Date: May 4th, 2019 (Saturday)

Time: from 9am to 4pm

Where: Salão Nobre do Círculo de Trabalhadores de Vila Prudente, Rua José Zappi, 120, Vila Prudente, São Paulo/SP (Brazil).


The seminar is open to all those interested in karate applied to self-defense and in the fundamentals of old methods of this art, regardless of belt/graduation or style. Practitioners of other martial arts with similar interests are also welcome, since the content to be taught is extremely practical, and of universal applicability.

Age group: From 12 years.

Clothing: Karategi or training uniform of the respective martial art, when different from karate.


Old style karate (toude) researcher, with internationally recognized work (emphasis on technique and kata applications/bunkai). Translator with several published works, founder and chief instructor of Muidokan Karate Kenkyukai (Muidokan Karate Research Society). Samir has a black belt in Shotokan karate and in Kukkiwon taekwondo, and has practiced Shorin-ryu karate and judo. He currently lives in Brasília/DF (Brazil), where teaches self-defense in federal government agencies and old style karate (non commercially) in his private doujou.




Had his first contact with karate through Shorei-Ryu lineage of Robert Trias. Bruno created blog and social media profiles entitled “Puro Karate” to share thoughts, studies and training on karate independently. He has a black belt from Karate-Do Tanaka Association, an organization based in São Paulo/SP (Brazil). With 56 years of tradition, Karate-Do Tanaka Association was founded by Tsunioshi Tanaka, initially a student of pioneer Shikan Akamine and later representative of Kyokushinkai in South America up to 1974, besides have been director of FPK and representative of World Seido Karate Organization of Tadashi Nakamura.




Muidokan Karate Kenkyukai
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Blog Puro Karate
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Karate-Do Tanaka Association
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8h30 – Checking participants’ names

> Introduction: historical, contextual, tactical and technical fundamentals of old style karate; and the efforts for recovering the old knowledge of the art in recent years around the world.
> Junbi Undou (preparatory exercises).
> Fundamentals of old style karate body mechanics, practical exercises. Using the body with maximum biomechanical and tactical efficiency.
> Kihon Hontou Bunkai. The fundamentals of old style karate application. The awakening to toude.
> Henka: Bunkai variations.

12 pm – Lunch break (meal not provided by organization)

> Going deeper into old style karate techniques.
> Renzoku Hontou Bunkai: kata complete applications.
> Kake kumite/kake-dameshi: old style karate’s kumite.
> Chat and questions from the public.

16 pm – Closing, delivery of certificates and taking pictures.

* Note: the contents taught in each part may be adapted throughout the event to suit the specific needs of the present participants, in any case without loss to the event’s proposal.


Registrations in the event must be proceeded through through form in the link https://goo.gl/forms/VaaPdQugEyUiNA0y2 and afterwards sending the receipt of payment of the registration fee, through the same e-mail informed in the form, to eventos@muidokan.com, with values and deadlines following the information contained in the registration form.

Oficial Facebook Event page (confirm your participation on Facebook to receive updates!): https://www.facebook.com/events/1979470572180392/


E-mail eventos@muidokan.com ou WhatsApp +55 (11) 99162-7947 with Bruno Chagas.


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